Killer Sauna. No, Really.

247˚ is the temperature at which the human body expires, at least according to...

Dolph Lundgren Takes on Cuba Gooding Jr. in One in the Chamber

I think we all knew sooner or later the straight-to-DVD stars would align and Dolph...

Watch a Clip from Hijacked Starring Randy Couture, Vinnie Jones

In Hijacked, Randy Couture goes all Air Force One on some ne’er-do-wells who...

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Mixed Reviews for Award-Winning Millennium Bug

Writer/director Kenneth Cran’s debut feature, The Millenium Bug, may have...

Die Reviews: Mediocre Saw Rip-off

Reviews for Die, in which captives are forced to roll a die that will determine...

The Hunters Reviews: “Unorthodox but Enjoyable”

The Hunters is the debut feature from director Chris Briant, who also stars as Le...

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Interviews from Afghan Luke

Afghan Luke tells the story of a journalist (Nick Stahl) who journeys to Afghanistan unravel a conspiracy involving Canadian snipers. The satirical drama hails from director Mike Clattenburg (Canadian television hit Trailer Park Boys) who co-produces with Barrie Dunn and Michael Volpe. Critizice This! interviewed Clattenburg and Dunn about the film,... [Read more]

Spooky Buddies Interviews: Director and Stars

Trailer Addict has posted a few video interviews from the latest entry in the Buddies saga, Spooky Buddies.  Following Air Buddies, Snow Buddies, Space Buddies, Santa Buddies, and The Search for Santa Paws—themselves offshoots of the four Air Bud sequels—Spooky Buddies serves as the Halloween-themed entry in the series.  Interviews with director... [Read more]

Sexting Interviews: Jason Lewis, Carly Pope

Moviefone has an interview with the leads of Sexting (nee Textuality), Jason Lewis (Sex and the City) and Carly Pope (S.W.A.T.: Firefight).  In the film, they play a burgeoning couple navigating the waters of modern, technology-laden relationships.  In the interview, Pope talks about how art helped inform her character, Lewis talks about the role... [Read more]

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